In the very heart of the bustling German metropolis, where the tumultuous life gives way to the art of creation, a clothing brand that embodies the essence of sustainability and exclusivity — INTERLUE — is born. Founded in Frankfurt, INTERLUE has become a symbol of refined taste and craftsmanship. In one of the finest ateliers in Frankfurt, the masterful hands of seamstresses magically bring to life every stitch, emphasizing the uniqueness and irreplaceability of each hand-sewn item. Every piece we create is limited in number and truly one-of-a-kind.

We also take a special approach when it comes to selecting fabrics. We collaborate with the best retailers in Europe, who specialize in high-quality fabrics produced in surplus for large, well-known brands and seeking their second reincarnation. Yet, even amongst the vast array of such premium fabrics, we choose the very best, paying attention not only to their appearance but also to their composition. In doing so, we give them a new, long, and fascinating life. For all auxiliary tools and hardware, we prefer German manufacturers.

Our silhouettes are designed with longevity in mind — they defy time, do not lose their relevance, and are appropriate for any season. The genius of INTERLUE's clothing cut lies in its simplicity and elegance, creating impeccable looks for those who value sophistication and quality.